Time to get Creative

Time to get Creative

Hi! Clucky here!.

Zilvermine has just updated to 1.12 leaving players with a wide range of blocks in new colours and patterns.


Creative spawn not long ago was a little ruined by some hackers, now the old spawn has returned looking a little lifeless.In this months contest we would like you guys to build a brand new spawn for the players of Creative.The spawn must be welcoming and big enough to fit everything needed.

The things needed in the spawn are:
-Staff board
-Contest board
-Information board
-Rank board

The spawn can be however you like, indoors,outdoors,etc.Be creative!

To enter this competition do /report CreativeSpawn.

The contest will be judged on the 31st of July and the winner will have their build used for the spawn of Creative.
If any issues or plots needed message one of the staff members online either in creative or on discord.
Hope you guys join and i wish you guys the best of luck!:)


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