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Pretty Pictures Please!

Pretty Pictures Please!

Hi there guys

A little mini  contest for you.

We are looking for some nice screenshots from around the server that can be used on vote sites , twitter etc. Cool builds , player group shots, anything that shows the great community we have here.

Post your shots in the photo gallery channel in discord to enter.

For every picture that is used you can get 5 hours added to your /ontime!! Pretty good deal eh?

Happy Snapping,  Zilver_

New ranks and added commands

New ranks and added commands

 New ranks

[Hotshot] – 11 days ontime. Gives you an extra plot and /nick

[Patron] – 16 days ontime. 


/vote – Rank Up faster! Receive 40 minutes ONTIME per vote

/ignore /unignore – for those bothersome players

Contest time

Contest time

OK builders, here’s a chance for you to make the SkyGrid spawn a heck of a lot better *stares down at sad glass disk*

Looking for a smallish spawn space with lots of personality. Build in /creative and send me (Zilver) a message in discord with your plot info.

Contest runs from today until Feb 5th.

Prize – 12 hours added to your ontime, 10,000 in game cash and of course the use of your build in SkyGrid.

Good Luck


Time to get Creative

Time to get Creative

Hi! Clucky here!.

Zilvermine has just updated to 1.12 leaving players with a wide range of blocks in new colours and patterns.


Creative spawn not long ago was a little ruined by some hackers, now the old spawn has returned looking a little lifeless.In this months contest we would like you guys to build a brand new spawn for the players of Creative.The spawn must be welcoming and big enough to fit everything needed.

The things needed in the spawn are:
-Staff board
-Contest board
-Information board
-Rank board

The spawn can be however you like, indoors,outdoors,etc.Be creative!

To enter this competition do /report CreativeSpawn.

The contest will be judged on the 31st of July and the winner will have their build used for the spawn of Creative.
If any issues or plots needed message one of the staff members online either in creative or on discord.
Hope you guys join and i wish you guys the best of luck!:)

Medieval Contest!

Medieval Contest!

Happy April!

This month we want you to turn your plot into a medieval theme!

You will have until Saturday, April 22nd to complete your build(s). Winner receives a free rank up on a server of their choice!

To enter, Please do /report Medieval Contest. If you do not have enough plot space, please ask a staff member or someone with world edit to create a layer on top of your plot for you, use /buy to get a rank, or /vote to gain ontime, which also ranks you up!

All contests are for fun, don’t know if you’ll win if you don’t try right? Why not enter this one? Anyways, good luck!

Please DO NOT copy off of others builds.
You may work in teams.
Do not join if you don’t plan on building.
Please keep all builds appropriate.
If you have any foul opinions, please keep them to yourself.
Please do not spam the tickets, one is enough.
Create your builds within the time limit given, but we don’t recommend procrastination.
We have judges for the contests, but thank you to those who offer!

Most of all, have fun!

C-Luck of the Irish

C-Luck of the Irish

Hellur! As st. Patrick’s Day is coming around, we thought we’d bring some fun contests to you! Create a plot, or just a simple build for this holiday! If you don’t know what ST. Patrick’s Day is, its definition will be listed below.

Winner(s) will receive a free rankup on any server of their choice. If you need plot space, remember you can use /buy for ranks, /vote for ontime (which helps you rankup) or just ask a Staff Member to make a layer above your plot. You will have until Friday, March 31st. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
To enter, please do /report March Contest to enter. Thank you for reading and good luck to you all!

Holiday Definition:

Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig, “the Day of the Festival of Patrick”), is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick ( c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

Contest Requirements:

Keep ALL builds appropriate
Do NOT copy off of another players build
Do not enter if you do not plan on building
Keep any negative comments about piers builds to yourself
Please create your build within the time limit

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! – Jay

Let the Building Games begin

Let the Building Games begin

Ready…Set..Build! Hello to all of you amazing fighters, and builders. The new server, KitPvP has recently added 1v1 fighting, in other words, dueling! We would like you guys to build up some maps! Your build should be no larger than 60 blocks across, and no taller than 60 blocks as well. (Each plot is 101×101) Theme can be of anything you can imagine, but a few ideas will be listed below. Build can be multi-leveled but it can not go into your plot. What that means is, you can build above ground, or on ground level. No deeper please!

We are also looking for a Kit of any kind. Must include any Armor, Weapons, plus any type of food/golden apples. (And yes, your kit is allowed to have enchants!)

You will have until Saturday, March 18th. Winner(s) will receive the Builder rank, and your build will be added to the new server. To join, please use /report KitPvP contest.

Build Theme Suggestions:

Star Wars
Robin Hood
(These are just suggestions, not required)

Contest Requirements:
Do not join if you aren’t going to build/create what was asked
Builds must be appropriate
Must be within the size, and time limit listed above.


“Love is in the air” event

“Love is in the air” event

That’s right guys! Love truly is in the Zilvermine Air!

We got an idea from a player, to do something like secret Santa. What you do is, request a name, and the Saturday before Valentine’s Day Yuki and/or I will put all the names we’ve gathered in a hat, and we will randomly match you up with a player.

We will be taking names until 11PM EST on the 11th(again, Saturday), but we do ask if you are joining to give us your ticket showing you are joining ASAP.

Anyways, if you wish to join, Please do /report Valentines Name. Once you are given a name, you are to build something nice and appropriate, for the person you’re given. Yes, you are still allowed to build things for other players for Valentines, but they will not be included in this event. We ask that you DO NOT BY ALL MEANS give your name out to any other player, or make their name on your build. Again this works like secret Santa, so we want it private between you and the person who gives the name to you.

If you choose to join after we’ve given a name, if there’s two of you, you guys will be building for each other, but might not know about it. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember, We love you! <3  – Jay & Yuki

P.S We will be sharing builds on Valentines day