Holiday Decorating Contest

Holiday Decorating Contest

Hey guys! Guess what, its that time of year again! And boy, do I have something in store for you! For this contest, we would like you guys to decorate a house, inside and out, (to your hearts desire!) that staff will give to you. The winner will receive a rankup on any server of their choice, AND a custom tag! (As long it gets approved) To join this contest, please do /report Holiday house (your plot) and as soon as possible, a staff member will give you your house to decorate. The contest ends on December 23rd. We as a team wish you a Happy Holidays, and good luck on your builds!

P.S! You guys can speed up the process, if you choose, and get Christmas trees with a simple command! /ct (small/medium/large)

Thank you for checking out the contest! ~Staff


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