Let the Building Games begin

Let the Building Games begin

Ready…Set..Build! Hello to all of you amazing fighters, and builders. The new server, KitPvP has recently added 1v1 fighting, in other words, dueling! We would like you guys to build up some maps! Your build should be no larger than 60 blocks across, and no taller than 60 blocks as well. (Each plot is 101×101) Theme can be of anything you can imagine, but a few ideas will be listed below. Build can be multi-leveled but it can not go into your plot. What that means is, you can build above ground, or on ground level. No deeper please!

We are also looking for a Kit of any kind. Must include any Armor, Weapons, plus any type of food/golden apples. (And yes, your kit is allowed to have enchants!)

You will have until Saturday, March 18th. Winner(s) will receive the Builder rank, and your build will be added to the new server. To join, please use /report KitPvP contest.

Build Theme Suggestions:

Star Wars
Robin Hood
(These are just suggestions, not required)

Contest Requirements:
Do not join if you aren’t going to build/create what was asked
Builds must be appropriate
Must be within the size, and time limit listed above.



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