“Love is in the air” event

“Love is in the air” event

That’s right guys! Love truly is in the Zilvermine Air!

We got an idea from a player, to do something like secret Santa. What you do is, request a name, and the Saturday before Valentine’s Day Yuki and/or I will put all the names we’ve gathered in a hat, and we will randomly match you up with a player.

We will be taking names until 11PM EST on the 11th(again, Saturday), but we do ask if you are joining to give us your ticket showing you are joining ASAP.

Anyways, if you wish to join, Please do /report Valentines Name. Once you are given a name, you are to build something nice and appropriate, for the person you’re given. Yes, you are still allowed to build things for other players for Valentines, but they will not be included in this event. We ask that you DO NOT BY ALL MEANS give your name out to any other player, or make their name on your build. Again this works like secret Santa, so we want it private between you and the person who gives the name to you.

If you choose to join after we’ve given a name, if there’s two of you, you guys will be building for each other, but might not know about it. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember, We love you! <3  – Jay & Yuki

P.S We will be sharing builds on Valentines day 


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