Medieval Contest!

Medieval Contest!

Happy April!

This month we want you to turn your plot into a medieval theme!

You will have until Saturday, April 22nd to complete your build(s). Winner receives a free rank up on a server of their choice!

To enter, Please do /report Medieval Contest. If you do not have enough plot space, please ask a staff member or someone with world edit to create a layer on top of your plot for you, use /buy to get a rank, or /vote to gain ontime, which also ranks you up!

All contests are for fun, don’t know if you’ll win if you don’t try right? Why not enter this one? Anyways, good luck!

Please DO NOT copy off of others builds.
You may work in teams.
Do not join if you don’t plan on building.
Please keep all builds appropriate.
If you have any foul opinions, please keep them to yourself.
Please do not spam the tickets, one is enough.
Create your builds within the time limit given, but we don’t recommend procrastination.
We have judges for the contests, but thank you to those who offer!

Most of all, have fun!


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