Server Rules

Server Rules

Game Rules

Our staff are here to help players, solve problems, up hold the rules.

Offences both in Game and in Discord:
Begging or repeatedly asking for staff in game chat, Will result in you never getting staff
bypassing word filter
Advertising other servers and  server links

Server hopping to avoid cooldowns or mute
Racist terms/slang
General Offences
Use of bugs/glitches
Map exploiting
Gameplay trolling
Having an offensive/inappropriate skin/player name
Client Mod Offences
Use of unapproved mods
Forum And Discord Rules
General Rules:
-No advertising
-No micro-posting (1 word posts)
-No cursing/disrespecting players
-Do not try to moderate the forums, leave it to the staff.
-No asking for likes
-No double-posting
-No necro-posting (posting on threads which haven’t been commented on in over a week)
-No excessive bumping (more than once)
-General rules apply here
Giveaway Rules:
-General rules apply here
-Giveaway specific rules as found in giveaway postings, and ingame posts, and as found here.

-All bans are for a minimum of 25 days and will be on both the game servers as well as on Discord. NOTE: BANS MUST BE APPEALED WITH IN 3 DAYS OF BAN.

-General rules apply here
-Do not post multiple appeals
-Do not comment on threads you are not directly involved in
-Do not post  more than one appeal every 25 days
-Do not post a report without evidence
-Do not post a report/appeal without using the correct format:
player name, reason for ban, explanation, evidence supporting claims,

Client mods
Approved mods
Better Sprint Mod
InGame Info Mod
bspkr’s Armor and Status effect HUDs
Shaders Mods
Capes Mods
Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
Blocks3D Mod
Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)
Any mods which have no effect to gameplay such as Pixelmon or Auto-Respawn.
All mods not on this list are considered unapproved until further notice and may result in a temp/perm banning.

No real world trading of ranks with out prior permission for an owner
Details: Asking anywhere on the server to trade items for buycraft purchases or cash is not allowed. This is also for your own protection from chargeback bans.


Rules that apply on all Servers and Punishment
No Spam Advertising other servers
Punishment:  perma ban

No Racism, sexism or gender based bullying even if it’s “trolling”
Details: This involves coming on the server saying things just for the purpose of offending people.

No Harassment

Details: direct threats or overly sexual unwanted behavior or teasing related to sexual orientation
Punishment: mute kick or ban
No use of Exploits/dupes/bugs/glitches these are to be reported directly to slack or an admin
Details: failure to report any exploit in the server, any bugs, or any dupe cheats will result in a ban. This involves anything that benefits you as well.
Punishment: 25 day ban

No threats of self harm: “I’m gonna cut” “kill myself” or any other talk of this type.
No spamming or bypassing chat word filter
Details: Spam constitutes if I am able to see the same message 3+ times when opening chat/ posting multiple messages with 1 word or close text
Do not trash talk or disrespect the server or its staff
Details: in order to promote a toxic-free environment we do not need anyone with a bad attitude to be playing the server
Punishment: mute kick or ban
Hack Clients:
Details: hack modifications with the intent of cheating will result in a ban. Optifine is allowed and encouraged, inventory editors, minimaps, and chat mods are allowed on non-pvp servers
Punishment: 25 day ban

No building above the bedrock in the nether
Punishment: removal of building
Do not abuse or misuse /tickets
Details: ticket reports is to be used for reporting grief or important questions not having a conversation or asking for items
Punishment: staff application will be deleted
Redstone clocks that are not in active use are not allowed and need to have a off switch
Details: tick clocks cause lag, turn off your redstone clocks when you are not using them
Punishment: loss of redstone clock repeated attempts to make lag will result in a ban

 Can i go on other servers if i am Staff on zilvermine.  the answer is yes you can, however there are some simple guidelines.

1st ZilverMine needs to be your main server.  This means you need to be here more than you are on other servers.

2nd You can not be staff on other servers and also be staff on Zilvermine.   Many people want to be staff and its not fair to us or the other players if you are spending time working somewhere else.

As an example:  if we notice that an Admin is off playing on another server somewhere for a few days and is not doing the job they are supposed to be doing and they have not talked to us about their absence, they will be demoted.

We try to give our staff a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility.

We don’t expect that you will always be on Zilvermine or that you are here 24 hours a day. the one thing we ask is that you show us a bit of loyalty respect is a two way street after all.

hansbrinker and zilver_ reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason at any time       





  US FTC regulations state that unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce are unlawful. (15 USC § 45 (a))[6] In relevant part, they state that contingent conditions and obligations of a player must be set forth clearly and conspicuously at the outset of game play, and that disclosure of the terms of the offer set forth in a footnote of the rules to which reference is made by an asterisk or other symbol placed next to the rule, is not regarded as making disclosure at the outset.* Any player with an ip with in a ten mile radius of Wakefield or Middlestown UK will be banned without warning with in 3 days or 72 hours of play. (16 CFR 251.1)