Youtuber Rank

Youtuber Rank

Players have been requesting a YouTuber Rank. Here is how to obtain it and rank up.

Make sure you have Zilvermine in the title and you give out the ip address in the description

Rank #1 [Y◆TÜBⓔR– available after 3 approved videos. 

Rank #2 [Y◆TÜBⓔR– available after 10 approved videos. Perk for this rank  – colored chat, your head on a YouTuber board in the lobby

Rank #3 [Y◆TÜBⓔR✯✯– available after 20 approved videos. 

Top Rank [Y◆TÜBⓔR✯✯✯] – available after 30 approved videos. Perk for this rank –  the use of /fly for making videos.

The rank will be applied to the server you make the most videos on. Number of subscribers is not important, we are just looking for fun videos with interesting content.



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